Sunday Snapshots 16-11-14

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A little insight into the week that was . . .

Sunday Snapshots

Weights were lifted

Healthy, Homemade Moroccan Seasoning

Healthy Homemade Moroccan Seasoning was made

Sunday Snapshots

Ho Cho was enjoyed (with extra sprinkles just because ♥)

Sunday Snapshots

Something Swanky’sToasted marshmallow Rice Krispie Treats were made

Moroccan Spiced {Oven Baked} Kale ChipsMoroccan spiced Kale chips were made and devoured

Sunday Snapshots

Assessments were worked on (coffee was most definitely required!)

Fit Friday Fun

Fit Friday Fun was had

Sunday Snapshots

Healthy, homemade vanilla spiked protein waffles were enjoyed . . . again

Sunday Snapshots

And leftover’s were given delicious little makeovers


Question of the day –

What was the highlight of your week?

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