All Natural, Clean Eating, 4 Ingredient - Maple Vanilla {Dark Chocolate} Peanut Butter Cups -

Maple-Vanilla {Dark Chocolate} Peanut Butter Cups

Holiday treat number four . . . Are you ready for this?   I know I sure am! You guys, I am so excited to share today’s recipe with you . . . Like so ridiculously excited it’s not even funny. Why am I so excited about today’s recipe?! It could be because holiday treat number 4 includes […] Read more…

Healthy, Homemade Trail Mix

Healthy, Homemade Trail Mix

Christmas tradition numero tres = trail mix baby! Every year we get a suh-weet little packet of trail mix in our Christmas stockings and I love, love, love it! It’s the perfect way to fuel the frenzied morning that follows. And come on now, who doesn’t love a heaping handful of good o’ trail mix? Especially […] Read more…

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