Fit Friday Fun – Workout of the Day – 25 min Total Body Blast

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So this week I have a killer workout for you. A fast but effective 25 min total body blast!

Are you up for the challenge?

Come on now, you know you wanna.

Feel the burn baby.




Grab yourself a set of dumbbells or even some resistance bands, something appropriate for your strength but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself ok.

This week we are going to do 8-10 reps of each exercise and repeat the entire sequence through for a total of 3 sets with a much needed 1 minute rest between each set.

Take your time, concentrate, focus and breathe through each and every exercise. Make. It. Count!

8-10 reps, 3 sets followed by 1 minute (well earned) rest. Got it?

Give each exercise everything you have then move to the next exercise as quickly as you can with little to no rest in-between (of course listen to your body if you feel like you need a second to grab a drink and catch you breath by all means do so but only if you really need it ok?) then we savour our 1 minute rest and kick it through for our total of 3 sets, got it?

Ok good. Let’s do it.

Workout of the Day – 25 min Total Body Blast

First we need to warm up for 5 minutes or so. Run on the spot, do jumping jacks, jump rope, dance around your living room, anything to get you warm then it’s time to get serious.

PS – As always I have included some links to a detailed breakdown/how to for each exercise at the bottom so if some of these exercises are new or unfamiliar I got you covered.

Now are we ready?

Ok good. No excuses baby, bring it –

Finish with a nice little cool down and stretch, maybe take a walk or something anything to help bring your heart rate down. Finish with a few of your fave stretches. Please don’t skip the stretch people, its like dessert for the body. You worked hard, you totally earned it.

Speaking of dessert I’m thinking we should have ourselves a post workout shake, Maple Vanilla Latte Smoothies all round!!!

As promised, here are some links from the good people over at Exercise Prescription for those are wanted the more detailed how-to’s for each exercise. Simply click on the exercise you want to know more about and it will open in a new wind for you OK –

– Squats

– Bench Press

– Dead Lift

– Over Head Press

– Bicep Curls

– Lunges

– Lateral Raise

– Overhead Tricep Extension


Question of the day –

Did you set yourself any health and fitness goals for this year? Me? I plan to build myself some buns of steel baby! Tell me, what’s your plan?


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