Fit Friday Fun – The Bodyweight Matrix


I’ve discovered something about myself recently . . . I’m  a lettle bit competitive. Mostly just with myself but still. It kind of came to light  when I was doing our bodyweight pyramid workout a few weeks ago. It began innocently enough just trying to beat my previous time, and before I knew it I was kinda obsessed. Could I just shave a few more seconds off haha crazy much?

Please tell me I am not alone here?

I’m only competing with myself and it’s all in good fun. I gotta tell you there is something seriously satisfying about shaving a few seconds of a previous time, or pushing out an extra rep in your resistance training don’t you think?

Nothing better than seeing how much fitter, stronger and healthier you have become and even more amazing when you think about how quickly your body can grow, change and adapt.

This week we are going to stick with our back to basics total body workout but once we have completed all 4 sets we are going to have ourselves a little fun.

Enter the bodyweight matrix. I have to give credit where credit is due, this matrix is something I was introduced to when I was working through the New Rules of Lifting for Women program. On paper it looks innocent enough but wait until you try it. Even all on it’s own its challenging enough but at the end of your workout when your pretty much spent . . . yep killer.

And I love it!

So here’s what we are going to do – once your done with your total body workout, go grab yourself a timer and work through the bodyweight matrix as quickly as you can. Then, when you’re done rest for twice as long as it to you to work through the matrix the first time, re-set your timer and go through it one last time. See if you can shave a few seconds of your previous time.

Then feel free to collapse in a heap on the floor. I know I did.

And well if you feel like you still have a little fuel in the tank then head on over to 42 days to fit where I am hosting a little Plank Challenge. Yes I’m crazy, you know you love it. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?


Feel free to share your results either upload a pic or simply share your time/results and tag me on Twitter (@EmSwanston) or Instagram (emsswanston). You. Can. Do. It!!!!!

Ready . . .

Good, lets do it -

The Bodyweight Matrix

First we need to warm up for 5 minutes or so. Run on the spot, do jumping jacks, jump rope, dance around your living room, anything to get you warm then it’s time to get serious.

Now are we ready?

Let’s do it -

Finish with a nice little cool down and stretch, maybe take a walk or something anything to help bring your heart rate down. Finish with a few of your fave lower body stretches.

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  1. I am totally competitive with myself but the last month I feel like I’ve been lacking motivation. I think this workout will get me back in to that COMPETITIVE mode!


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