Fit Friday Fun – Rest, it’s part of the program!

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Rest. It's part of the program -

If your anything like me rest is something you don’t do often enough and it’s so, so important. ←Seriously, I can not emphasise this enough!

I get so caught up in the general business of day to day life that I don’t take time out to rest and recharge.

And when it comes to exercise . . . I’m totally guilty of this –

Dory Rest -

I love, love, love to get my workout on but  . . . in the last few months I have found my gains in strength have stalled and my energy levels aren’t where they should be. My sleep was effected and so was my mood so . . . as much as I didn’t want to, I decided to take a step back from training and give my body a chance to rest, recover, repair and rebuild those muscles that I have been working so hard to build.

It really is true what they say –

Muscles are torn in the gym, fed in the kitchen and built in the bed -

Even though I know this statement is so true it’s the one I was quite happy to turn a blind eye to (I’m such a rebel 😉 ) but in all honestly,making this change was really tough for me.

Worth it - absolutely -

Was it scary?! Umm yes!

Did I want to ditch my rest day and go get a good sweat on, you betcha’ but, I stuck with the plan and you know what happened . . . my sleep improved, my energy returned, my moods were much more pleasant and slowly but surely those strength gains started to reappear  – this week I managed to deadlift 1.5 times my bodyweight which is something I have been working towards for quite sometime now = total win!

Suffice to say I am all aboard the rest train now 😉

Healthy body - Healthy min = happy life -

Today I insist you take some time out for yourself (if it’s not physically possible today then you must find at least 5 minutes over the weekend ok?!), to treat yourself to a period of rest.

Clear your head -

Get a massage, see a movie, take a walk, read a book, take a bath, have an extra long shower, make a date to catch up with a good friend for coffee or even just head out for a nice quite cup all on your own because . . .

Coffee solves everything -

and if coffee isn’t your thing (um why/how are we friends again?! ← kidding 😉 ) then maybe having a big ol’ spoonful of dreamy peanut butter is more your style . . . I mean come on now –

Peanut Butter Fix -

#truth ↑

In all seriousness, whatever it is that makes you happy, take at least 5 minutes to make it happen.

Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally it is so important to take time out to rest and recharge! Trust me, your body will thank you for it.

Rest here -

No guilt allowed.

I absolutely insist!

100%, without question, no if’s, but’s or maybe’s about it!

Take a nice, big, deep breath . . . and go.

Rest Day Puppy

Enjoy xoxo


Question of the day –

What’s your favourite way to rest and recover from your workout program or just the general busyness of life?


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