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Spicy, Chickpea Mediterranean Style Lettuce Wraps  -

Spicy Mediterranean Style Lettuce Wraps

So I’m thinking it’s about time we made ourselves some real food . . . sadly no matter how healthy they may be, one can not live on brownies and banana bread alone. Although, with the variations I keep dreaming up for that incredibly versatile, insanely delicious, dangerously addictive banana bread we just made –  I […] Read more…

Sunday Snapshots 05-02-15 -

Sunday Snapshots 15-02-15

A little insight into the week that was . . .  Waffles were eaten . . . Secretly healthy, super fudgey, low carb, grain free, paleo friendly love muffins were made . . . Blow outs were had . . . Creamy, dreamy, vegan, dairy free, paleo friendly – strawberry infused dark chocolate cups were shared . […] Read more…

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